Ethereum Progress Report for Week 44


DEVCON1 is just around the corner, and attendees are getting ready to showcase the latest technology and tools in the Ethereum ecosystem. There will be a number of developers in attendance and a variety of talks, including those from Microsoft’s Nick Szabo, Vitalik Buterin, and Marley Gray. Tickets are in limited supply and are expected to sell out quickly, so be sure to register soon. Secure your spot now


TurboEthereum Version 1.0.0 C++ tools. Work A state trie pruning exercise and the updating of network protocols has been completed (PV62 and 63). Various Mix The bugs were fixed and the team is currently working to improve the build/release processes.


Geth Preparing for version 1.3.0’s release, we continue to develop new features such as RPC with push-support and Natural Language Specification (NatSpec), which enables users to get more user-friendly confirmation emails Filter Search optimizations were added to speed up the access to historical records.


Pyethapp We continue to move forward with some updates on user services and RPC efficiency this Week.


Work The finalization of the Swarm Accounting and incentive mechanisms, as well as a whitepaper on the research findings. Swarm’s Clients are now able to integrate with IPFS as a data storage.

Mobile client/slim

New Fast synchronization protocols are maturing quickly and will become the basis for future thin clients. They will allow new users to join the network in a matter of minutes.


Wallet Beta Three available soon, with contract implementation and custom token assistance Go C++ and C++ clients can be integrated to give users the option of different consensus implementations.


First Demonstration of Concept Formal verification For Solidity With the why3 tool, contracts are now available Additional Attention has been given to inner types like tuples. Updated You can order documentation online

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