Ethereum (ETH) Set to Reach Fresh All-Time High in 2024; Kaspa (KAS) and InQubeta (QUBE) Set for Rally


Ethereum (ETH), which recently reached almost $2,400 according to CoinGecko’s data, has recovered from its losses sustained during the catastrophic 2022. Though the valuation is still below the previous high of over $4,800, set in November 2021, some analysts believe that ETH could reach a new all-time high as the current boom continues until 2024.

Not only Ethereum, but other promising projects such as Kaspa (KAS) and InQubeta have also been receiving attention. The potential exponential growth of these projects in 2024 makes them among the top DeFi projects. Early investors in InQubeta’s returns have exceeded 175%, and Kaspa prices have increased by 28 % in the last 30 days.

Now let’s explore the elements that could propel Ethereum’s possible comeback, as well as the distinctive offerings that Kaspa and InQubeta have to offer.

InQubeta is a cryptocurrency provider that facilitates startups’ access to DeFi solutions. It offers a crowdfunding platform based on a crypto ICO, which uses blockchain technology to create an AI-powered ecosystem that can transform multiple industries. This platform allows investors to access profitable ventures while sticking to their budget.

QUBE tokens can be staked to support the network’s growth, making it one of the best crypto investments to add to portfolios. In exchange for locking their tokens, holders will receive cryptocurrency distributions. Tax revenues are used to fund a pool of staking rewards. InQubeta’s QUBE token is based on a deflationary system, which is used to control the supply of tokens in order to protect against inflation and market fluctuations.

InQubeta’s pre-sale has been highly successful, having raised more than $7.2 million. The crypto ICO may see a rise in value if it reaches a significant presale milestone. The token is currently being offered for a discounted price, $0.01925, and this will increase at each stage of the ten-phase pre-sale.

Kaspa is revolutionizing scalability in the blockchain space. The price of XRP has risen more than 2000% this year to $0.11, and its digital ledger’s design facilitates parallel blocks and faster transaction confirmation. On Kaspa, transactions are settled in single-second periods using the platform’s native token, KAS. This functionality improves platform speed and scalability, and it validates each transaction using a consensus engine based on proof-of work. Kaspa also verifies transactions via a secure block network while maintaining the network’s decentralization. Recently, it was revealed that popular DEX ExchangUsers will be able to purchase, sell and swap KAS Tokens.

Prominent analysts have provided their insight on Ethereum’s current position in the market, emphasizing pivotal points that could dictate the cryptocurrency’s trajectory by 2024. Renowned Crypto analyst Crypto Tony shared his views in a blog post on X. He highlighted how crucial it was for ETH’s price to stay above $2.130 to maintain his long optimistic position. FieryTrading reports that the asset’s performance has been positive for the past six months, suggesting a potential gain in upcoming weeks. Experts predicted that ETH could reach $5,000 by the end of 2020 or beginning of 2025.

In conclusion, investors should be interested in Ethereum as it could reach a record-breaking high in 2024. Kaspa and InQubeta have also shown the potential for a rally in the near future, given their innovative and successful projects. AI crypto ICOs, like QUBE, are transforming the tech investment industry and producing amazing inventions that show the potential of the blockchain technology. InQubeta meets all criteria for being considered as one of the best crypto investments to make significant profits. The presale continues to be bullish as the company strives towards its goal of $10 million. Pre-sale is now open, and to participate, click the link below.

Visit InQubeta Presale and join the InQubeta communities to gain more insight into the token’s potential.

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