Unlocking Ethereum’s Potential for the Next Billion: EF Scholarship Program Launched


Unlocking Ethereum’s potential to make a lasting impact across the globe, the Ethereum Foundation recently announced the launch of its Scholarship Program. Working with changemakers whose projects have the potential to produce a significant impact in emerging economies, the program offers a unique opportunity for mentorship, experience, and access to leading figures in the field.

The Ethereum Foundation has long been a champion of the idea that Ethereum can help create a more equitable and resilient world. This new program is the next step in creating the necessary ripple effects to ensure that the ecosystem continues to thrive. It is designed to support projects that can serve as a model for social enterprises and the development sector in general.

Inaugural Cohort of Scholars

The first cohort of the Scholarship Program includes four individuals whose projects demonstrate Ethereum’s potential in the developing world. Benson Njuguna (Acre Africa) is looking to implement blockchain solutions in a microinsurance product that can protect thousands of smallholder farmers in Kenya from extreme weather events. Chuy Cepeda (OS.City) is providing municipal and national governments with a platform to issue digital identities and documents to citizens, with the aim of having government-issued documents in our Ethereum wallets. Kuldeep Bandhu Aryal (BRAC), the world’s largest non-governmental organization, is exploring how Ethereum-based solutions can be applied to connect all schools with the Internet. Finally, Naroa Zurutuza (Jig) is looking to use the blockchain to increase accountability for service providers and finance connectivity infrastructures to provide access to global markets and the economy.

Participate and Stay Informed

The EF Scholarship Program is a strategic way to provide resources to regions that are a blue ocean for the future. The pilot year of the program is an experiment, but it has long-term implications for the value of Ethereum as a tool that can be adopted by the public and aid in financial inclusion. To stay informed, register to receive updates and contact the team at fellowship@ethereum.org. Congratulations to Taira Ishikura and Serena Tan from Next Billion Team on the launch and special thanks to all those who helped identify great candidates.

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