Ethereum Foundation and Wanxiang Blockchain Labs Unveil a Combination Event for Devcon2 and the 2nd Global Blockchain Summit, September 19-24, 2016


[Last update: July 5, 2016]

The Ethereum Foundation And Wanxiang Blockchain Labs have made a joint announcement concerning Shanghai International Blockchain Week. The event will be held at the Hyatt on the Bund from September 19-24, 2016. The combination of Ethereum’s Devcon and Wanxiang Blockchain Labs’ Global Blockchain Summit was highly anticipated, and tickets to last year’s events sold out quickly. Now, attendees have the option of attending both events during the same week.

This 3-segment event format provides flexibility, allowing participants to decide which days they will attend. New features, such as a Demo Day (organized by Blockchain Labs) for investors and startups, as well as a day of optional organized tours on June 18th (the day before the event begins) will be available. [July 5, 2016 note: If sightseeing tours are offered, they will be listed on Wanxiang Blockchain Lab’s event page.]

There are many reasons why this event is so highly anticipated. The structure of the event will provide greater interaction between attendees, allowing them to meet, exchange ideas and participate in all parts of the event. Many industry leaders in the blockchain technology field will be in attendance for some of the sessions, or plan to contribute in some way. As it was in the past, the days are just as important today.

For those making their first visit to China, Shanghai is an ideal location. It is an economic hub, and many of the world’s most influential people are based here. Asia’s blockchain pioneers are continuing to grow and share their knowledge, and with the new 144-hour visaless transit policy, it is now possible to transit from 51 countries or regions. Visitors can also remain in Shanghai for up to 144 hours (or six days) without needing a visa. However, it may be easier to obtain a visitor’s visa. China’s TWOV (Transit Without Visa) policy must be followed to take effect.

Details about the 6-day Shanghai International Blockchain Week:

Devcon2: Days 1-3 – September 19, 20, 21

Ethereum Devcon2 will be held in Asia with the support of its cohost and event partner Wanxiang Blockchain Labs. Devcon2 will continue to feature Ethereum developers presenting and discussing the latest developments and research.

Demo Day: Day 4 – September 22

Co-Hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, this day will include presentations from some of the most successful blockchain-enabled firms around the globe. Investors, venture capital firms, and startups will find this day especially interesting.

Second Global Blockchain Summit: Days 5-6 – September 23 and 24

Hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, this segment will include panels and talks from industry leaders and pioneers in blockchain technology. Discussions will center on current and future business use cases, economic and social impact, and how blockchain technology could be applied in commerce.

Xiao Feng, CEO of Wanxiang Holdings, stated: “It is a great honor to be part of this event. Shanghai is a great international hub for technological and financial innovation, and Wanxiang Blockchain Labs is aiming to become an internationally recognized platform for blockchain innovation. We hope this International Blockchain Week in Shanghai will help further promote the use of technology, build relationships between people, and encourage the use of blockchain technology in startups.”

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