Ethereum Foundation Grants Update – Wave IV


Greetings to the Ethereum Foundation Grants Team!

As we march forward with Devcon, Wave 4 in the Grant Program is back! We thank all the community members who have contributed their ideas to help strengthen our ecosystem. Without the effort that has been put in, we wouldn’t be where we are today. The Grants Program is expanding and we will continue to include more members in our decision-making process. Thanks to the community’s feedback, infrastructure and public services have become significantly better.

If you are new to the program, read our latest post for a program overview and funding processes Here. You can also view guidelines and other information Here.

No more waiting!

🎉 We are pleased to announce the launch of Wave 4 recipients! 🎉


  • Non-Custodial Payment Channel Center: $420K. Upon delivery of open source SDK version Chain Whipping, KyokanY Connect At Devcon 4
  • Prototype –$375K. Research and Development of a front-end state channel.
  • purpose laboratories— $250K. Development of Forward-Time Locked Contracts (FTLC).
  • Kyokan –$125K. Production-ready Mainnet Plasma Cash & Debit plugins.
  • Atomic CrossTransactions on -chain –$65K. Led by Maurice Herlihy at Brown University.
  • ethsnarks –$40K. Development of a cross-compatibility SDK for zkSNARKS on Ethereum.


  • flintstone –$120K. Further development of Flint Language using a security-focused IDE by Susan Eisenbach at Imperial College London.

Usability (DevEx)

  • TrueBlocks –$120K. Open Source block explorer.
  • Gitcoin –$100K. Funding rewards for your Gitcoin rewards.
  • VulcanizeDB –$75K. “Community” block explorer.
  • Builder –$50K. Development of an alternative modular solution to Truffle Based on Ethers.js.
  • ethdoc –$25K. Open Source tool to organize and interact with smart contract codesbases.
  • ethers.js –$25K. Support for ricmoo to continue development and maintenance of Ethers.js.
  • kauri –$25K. Documentation rewards for Kauri.


  • Magic Money Tree (Dark Crystal) –$50K. A multisig design tool that allows you to store keys and secrets securely and retrievably from anywhere. Developed by the Secure Scuttlebutt team.


Diversity • Clients

Do you want to join us in #BUILDing? Check our website for more information and follow us on Twitter. We look forward to what you can create!

The Ethereum Foundation has released an update on the latest wave of grants. Below is a wish list of topics related to scalability, privacy, usability, safety, and education. Developers with ideas in these areas are encouraged to submit their proposals.

The Scalability list includes more payment and/or state channel implementations, plasma implementations, improved efficiency for existing customers such as Geth and Parity, a tokenless “lightning network” for Ethereum, website assembly R&D, Python implementation of libp2p, and plasma cash implementations using found fragmentation techniques.

The Privacy list includes STARS R&D and BLS12-381 implementations in new languages.

The Usability list includes improvements to private transactions and key management, alternative portfolio/client designs, standardization of portability between portfolios, stamping that developer experience is improved, instructional videos and documentation, end user products that don’t require tokens, viper development, more security for high-level languages, non-transferable identification tokens, cross-specification and client tests for the JSON API RPC API, and analysis of real-world Ethereum transactions.

The Safety list includes security audits for Snake, smart contract audits, particularly important audits for vaults, multisig wallets, and vaults, tools to protect vulnerable code, an IDE with a visual designer, privacy solutions, and more monitoring tools for deep network monitoring.

The Education list includes community conferences for underrepresented communities and translation of research, documentation, and specifications into other languages. Finally, the Ethereum Foundation is offering a $10,000 internship to successful developers for side projects.

For more information and inspiration, please visit the Ethereum Foundation website.

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