Ethereum Network Disrupted for 25 Minutes by Temporary Transaction Finality Glitch, Developers Investigate Cause


Ethereum experienced a temporary disruption in its transaction processing on Thursday, May 11, 2023 around 4:13 p.m. Eastern Time. The issue lasted for approximately 25 minutes, and during this time the blockchain was unable to process ETH transactions or reach consensus. Currently, developers do not know what caused the issue, though the blockchain is now running normally.

Ansgar Dietrichs, a researcher at the Ethereum Foundation, noted that the blockchain was designed to be resilient against this type of issue, and transactions continued to be processed as usual. Preston van Loon, co-founder of Prysmatic Labs, tweeted that the team was investigating the issue and later posted an update once solutions were found. Superphiz, the Ethereum Beacon Chain community health consultant, also wrote about the issue, stating that the chain had stopped finalizing about thirty minutes prior.

The temporary disruption in Ethereum’s transaction processing occurred while developers were discussing block validity conditions and the upcoming hard fork called “Dencun”. Superphiz stressed that regardless of what caused the issue, the team must continue hardening every vector.

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