Scaling Up Ethereum: Grant Programs Aim to Support Research and Development


The Ethereum ecosystem has long been aware that scalability is its greatest technical challenge. As blockchain networks often require all nodes to process transactions, their capacity is limited to that of the single node. To increase scalability, two main strategies are being pursued: fragmentation and the creation of layer 2 protocols. Both approaches are seen as complementary and the Ethereum community is committed to supporting a multi-pronged strategy.

To this end, two grant programs have been launched to enable more independent teams to work on blockchain scalability research and development. These grants are open to developers, companies, universities, and academic groups, and will provide up to $1 million in funding for highly successful projects.

The first grant program is aimed at fragmentation, and covers the building of independent layer 2 projects. The second focuses on layer 2 scalability solutions, and provides support for projects that promote scalability, latency-reducing, and interoperability. Grants can range from $50,000 to $1,000,000, depending on the scope, quality, and scale.

Both programs are still in their early stages and details are yet to be released. However, applicants should expect a certain level of quality and focus, and the grants are open to teams with experience in the Ethereum or blockchain space, distributed systems design, cryptography, or mechanism design.

To apply, interested parties should send an email to, with their official name and details of the team, including any previous activity. They should also include a project description and timeline, and the total estimated budget.

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