Ethereum’s Yield Farming Craze: What Makes It Most Exciting in Crypto?


As the world of crypto-currencies is constantly evolving, Ethereum investors are becoming more aware of the impact of yields, and the potential for the crypto space. Yields are payments investors receive for holding cryptocurrency. These payments can be in many different forms.

How ETH Yields Could Revolutionize The Space

The yield curve is one of the key things to know about. The percentage yield to investors depends on supply and demand, as well as perceived risk. A cryptocurrency with limited supply but high demand will likely have a better yield than a coin with more supply and less demand. Similarly, it is more likely that a cryptocurrency perceived as being less risky has a higher rate of return than a cryptocurrency perceived as being riskier.

According to crypto analyst and researcher Adam Cochran, this is where the real potential of cryptocurrency shines through. By generating nondilutive income through fees, cryptocurrency can offer investors an opportunity to earn passive revenue without the risk of inflation. This is why it is important to invest in the right investments, especially when traditional ones like bonds and savings accounts offer very little return.

One cryptocurrency that is well-positioned to leverage the power of returns is Ethereum. According to ETH, its decentralized applications ecosystem and smart contracts have the potential to generate significant fees to investors when used as a platform to run Decentralized Finance (DeFi) apps. For example, ETH staking is currently offering yields of 5% to 7%, while Synthetix staked (SNX) can produce external fees of up to 25%, and Curve Fees for (CRV) stakes can reach up to 15 percent. This means that millions of dollars of capital can now generate yields higher than 3% APY (annual percentage yield), which is an important opportunity for investors.

From HODLing To Yielding

In a recent post, Adam Cochran stressed the importance of focusing asset productivity and yield real in the cryptocurrency market. Despite the current narrative that fundamentals don’t matter and memes and rhetoric dominate the market, Cochran believes that the true value of assets one day will be revealed. The advantage is for those who have assets, since they can gain capital gains on top of the 2% APY. This is of particular importance in the crypto-space, where prices may be volatile and subjected to sudden fluctuations.

Furthermore, Cochran’s prediction is that, as more and larger funds begin to see the long-term potential in the cryptocurrency market, they’ll start to invest heavily. This massive influx will change the financial industry forever. Anyone who has accumulated a large number of coins will benefit.

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