“Expert’s “Huge” Bitcoin (BTC) Forecast Impacts AltSignals (ASI) Outlook”


  • AltSignals (ASI) has recently been listed on crypto DEX Uniswap.
  • Here are some of the major predictions for Bitcoin (BTC) price according to analysts: hovering around $51,000 and potentially dropping to $48,000.

As a crypto analyst shares a potential bearish flip for Bitcoin, with a possible drop to $48,000, AltSignals’ price outlook is uncertain.

BTC Price Could Drop to $48,000, Analysts Point to On-Chain Metric

Bitcoin’s price has been on the rise, reaching its highest level ever in December 2021. However, some analysts believe it could potentially drop to $48,000 due to a short-term Holder SORP metric showing it’s near the selling zone for short-term investors.

On the other hand, another analyst suggests that the megaphone pattern on Bitcoin’s daily chart could lead to a retest of $53,000 and a potential target of $60,500.

This uncertainty in Bitcoin’s price could also have an impact on the broader market, with declines for other altcoins.

AltSignals: Trading AI Enhances Signals

AltSignals has consistently returned win rates of 64% for traders on stock, crypto, and forex markets. The platform has been on the rise since its launch in 2017, and is now preparing for the next phase of growth by integrating a new AI stack called ActualizeAI. The aim is to increase the algorithm’s win rate to over 80%.

The AltSignals roadmap also includes plans for licensing, launching an AI-based NFT marketplace, and partnering with other platforms to increase adoption. The ASI token is the native token of the platform, giving holders access to the AI ecosystem.

AltSignals Price Forecast: Will ASI Token Explode in 2024?

The ASI token was recently listed on the DEX platform Uniswap, with the presale closing in December of last year. As the AI narrative grows and the crypto market expands, AltSignals could be a promising investment opportunity in the market. However, a short-term market decline could also affect the ASI token’s value.

If the market rallies as expected, with Bitcoin’s halving and other tailwinds, the value of ASI could rise significantly. There is potential for the AltSignals’ price to increase by 100x, given the likely demand for ActualizeAI.

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