Metacade Could Lead to 50x Returns in 2023


Some Following the recent announcement about the ongoing, bullish news has emerged. Metacade The strong interest in the (MCADE), pre-sale event continues. The Beta phase sold out in less than 20 working days. This was due to crypto enthusiasts pouring over $1.3 million into the initial round of funding.

NowMany people are curious as to how high the prices will go. Metacade Could be possible in 2023.

Metacade Could be the Best Investment of the Year

GameFi fans and crypto investors are coming out in droves to support the project. Metacade The platform’s pre-sale was aimed at delivering the best gaming experience in the blockchain gaming industry.

MCADE’s presale quickly sold out during the beta phase. In just three weeks, it raised over $1.3million. This Favorable news can be a strong indicator about the value of the Metacade Utility token will rise rapidly in the short term with huge long-term potential.

After MCADE will go up to $0.02 per token at the end, from $0.008 per token. This Bullish cryptocurrency buyers can expect to make 2.5x profits when the token becomes public. This is another reason many have jumped at this opportunity.

Metacade’s Experts predict that the token’s value will increase 50 times by 2023, demonstrating its long-term potential to be a powerful gaming platform. The This project has some truly unique features that gamers will love, and it will help to grow the GameFi market in general.

How What is the potential for MCADE to rise in 2023?

MCADE will slowly increase in value during the pre-sale. The pre-token valuation is $0.02. DO. At This point will see the token released on decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) at which time buyers from around the globe will likely start purchasing MCADE.

This An expanded scope is expected to lead to a bullish crypto price action. MCADE’s total supply is 2 billion tokens. This means that there will be more buying pressure from DEXs which will result in higher prices for MCADE. Early adopters will continue to HODL what is becoming a solid token.

Coupled This can cause dizziness due to the utility built into the MCADE token Metacade. Wins A 50x increase is possible, and MCADE’s goal of $1 in 2023 is achievable.

Are Looking for a Long-Term Investment?

Between 2016 and 2021: The total number worldwide cryptocurrency holders magnified by 59xThe cryptocurrency is expected to continue growing in the future. There It is widely believed that bullish news such as Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Blockchain technology can be used to expand its reach around the globe.

More The willingness of major national governments, including those in the United States, to accept cryptocurrency as a cross-border payment method is encouraging news for the future. El Salvador He is a well-known bullish cryptocurrency holder. Russia Recent decisions were made to accept cryptocurrency as an acceptable international payment method.

What Is Metacade?

Metacade It is building the largest metaverse arcade of its kind. Built On the Ethereum network, Metacade A wide range of play-to win (P2E), titles will be available. GameFi users will have the opportunity to play exciting games that range from classic arcade titles, to new experiences that are exclusive to them. metacade platform.

The key feature of P2E tournaments is also included. MetacadePlayers will be able compete against one another directly to win prizes in MCADE tokens The Project is deeply community-driven from its core and into the future. Metacade The organization will become a decentralized autonomous organizational (DAO) and hand over complete control to its users.

How Is it possible?

You will find a wide range of games to choose from, each offering MCADE token reward. Players You can also pay to take part in online competitions. This will allow you to win larger prizes for the P2E winners. This This feature, along with strong community aspects, continue to attract hordes upon hordes crypto players to preorder.

Metacade Members of the community will be rewarded if they share useful information about other blockchain-based games. Users Find out the latest GameFi news and how to optimize gaming experience across a variety of games. Metacade It aims to create

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