“Experts Recommend Selling These 4 Cryptocurrencies Ahead of Halving Event”


On Friday, the fourth halving of Bitcoin took place this year. Despite this event, the cryptocurrency market did not experience any significant price changes. The global market capitalization currently stands at 2.32 trillion, with a trading volume of $72.64 billion. However, there has been a drop of 1.37%, indicating a decline in the market momentum. Analysts predict that some cryptocurrencies may see a significant drop in value in the coming days, while a potential bull-run could occur by the end of the year.

In this blog, we will discuss four cryptocurrencies that are currently vulnerable and should be sold before their value decreases even further.

1. Wormhole (W)

According to CoinmarketCap, interoperability platforms such as Wormhole, Starknet, and Worldcoin have witnessed a significant decline in prices in recent days. Among these, Wormhole has been hit the hardest, with a drop of 57.38% in just 15 days. The current trading price of the token is $0.5879, and its market capitalization is $1,058,159,709. The trading volume has also decreased by 17.13% to $137,985,778. New to the market, Wormhole has not been able to establish a strong community, and with the recent drop in the price of Bitcoin, its value could potentially decrease even further.

2. Starknet (STRK)

Starknet, a decentralized ZK Rollup, has seen a drop of 41.34% in its value over the past month. Currently trading at $1.33, its value hit a record low of $1.15. This downward trend has been ongoing since the launch of the token, due to a lack of community support and unfavorable economic conditions. Its market capitalization is now at $884,625,405, with a trading volume of $92,912,724 in a single day.

3. Worldcoin (WLD)

Launched by Sam Altman, Worldcoin was expected to dominate the crypto market, but its price has continuously declined. Currently trading at $5.02, the token has lost 37% of its value in the last 30 days. Its market capitalization stands at $958,702,591, with a trading volume of $268,098,355. The token saw a brief rise in value in late February, but the market conditions have remained bearish since then.

4. Conflux (CFX)

Over the past few weeks, Conflux has experienced significant fluctuations, with a drop of 36% in just one month. Currently trading at $0.2399, its value has been on a downward trend since March, and it remains bearish at the end of the year. The trading volume has also decreased by $22.60, with a current value of $52,922,172.

In conclusion, investors should be cautious about their investments, considering the market fluctuations that are expected to occur. It is essential to carefully analyze and monitor the market before making any decisions to avoid potential losses.

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