Experts Weigh In: Is EverLodge or Shiba Inu a Better Bet?


The crypto market is on the rise again, with two projects taking the lead in terms of offering the best returns by the end of 2023 – namely Everlodge and Shiba Inu. However, which one is the better investment?

Everlodge is gaining more attention from DeFi investors around the world. This innovative platform aims to disrupt the global travel property market by introducing NFTs, which allow investors to fractionally invest in vacation homes, hotels, luxury villas, and more. This investment method requires much less capital to get started, for example instead of paying $1 million for a villa, an investor can purchase a 10% fraction for $100,000.

Moreover, Everlodge simplifies traditional real estate investments by reducing the amount of paperwork and making it possible to get involved with just $100. On top of that, Everlodge offers its launchpad and token holder rewards. Investors can fund the latest property developments and benefit from high returns. The tokens (ELDG) are selling out fast in the second stage of the presale, with the first stage selling out quickly and hitting a new all-time high of $0.016. Experts predict that at the end of the presale, the tokens will be worth around $0.035.

Token holders have multiple rewards to look forward to. Firstly, they can get discounts on the properties offered via Everlodge, which could save them a significant amount. Secondly, they can receive free nights at properties in the Everlodge ecosystem, which can be sold for an additional income stream or used as a low-cost holiday.

It is expected that Everlodge will become one of the top cryptocurrencies by the end of its presale. On the other hand, Shiba Inu has been struggling since its Shibarium release, with its price declining consistently. Despite having over 1.1 million unique wallets on its new platform, Shiba Inu is still not in a position to offer high returns that Everlodge can provide.

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