Explore the Top 5 Free Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Sites for 2023!


Cryptocurrency Cloud mining is rapidly becoming a global trend. With no need for expensive technology or specialized skills, anyone can now buy hash power from outside suppliers and become a professional Bitcoin miner.

Cloud hash technologies enable users to start producing cryptocurrency with minimal effort and capital outlay. Choosing the best source is essential for anyone wanting to spend time on cloud hash earning. To help with this, here are 5 outstanding and reputable cryptocurrency cloud mining businesses.

1- HappyMiner

HappyMiner is a long-established Bitcoin mining company in the United States, and already has 280,000 users. It is renowned for being the most cutting-edge, accessible, and cost-effective cryptocurrency platform. Customers can benefit from a $10 sign-up bonus and $10 minimum investment, and choose from 1 day to 90 days for mining contracts. It has an average profitability of 250%+ and a referral commission of up to 4.5%.

The company has three large data centers in Canada, Norway, and Iceland. These countries were chosen as they are windy locations, have a well-developed engineering infrastructure, affordable electricity, and an abundance of renewable energy sources.

2- NFTproX

By combining cloud mining with NFT investment, NFTproX offers users a dependable, efficient, and profitable way to engage in the blockchain industry. Customers can choose from a range of investment packages, from a one-day investment bundle paying 10% daily to a 64-day commitment bundle paying 2.1% daily.

NFTproX ensures the secrecy and transparency of all transactions, and provides users with the opportunity to benefit from both the resale value of their NFT investments and the daily income from their cloud mining investments.


ECOS has more than 100,000 users worldwide, and established the Armenian Free Economic Zone in 2017. It offers a calculator to help customers choose the optimal option, as well as web and mobile applications.

ECOS also provides cryptocurrency indexes for investment, and hosts mining equipment and mining contracts. It has a multi-currency cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to store and trade 247 different coins.

4- NiceHash

NiceHash is a mining hosting & computing marketplace, which allows users to connect their miners, deposit money, purchase mining packs, offer hash rates to other users of the peer-to-peer network, and install the NiceHash program on their computer.

Features include mining Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies, Fiat withdrawals, a Bitcoin trading platform, management and supervision of remote mining, and trading between peers using a hash rate. Fees include 0.2258 BTC for a daily rate of one mH/s, 0.00001 BTC for new order fees, and 3% to pay for hash power.

5- Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining created the first mine in Eastern Europe from Hong Kong, and now serves clients from more than 200,000 different countries. It offers a wide selection of cryptocurrency mining options for various miner types, including rookies, family miners, and large investors.

Features include daily mining profit payments, top-notch customer support, mining multiple coins at once, acceptance of cryptocurrencies, Visa, and Mastercard as payment options, no recurring monthly fees, mH/s for $29, and a minimum determined by the price of the contract package.

These are five of the most reliable and reputable cryptocurrency cloud mining businesses. Keep these in mind if you decide to spend some time earning digital currency in the cloud.

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