Exploring the Crypto Winter – Molly White Exposes the Myths of Tech Before the Next Bubble


The face of tech skepticism: Molly White, the creator of Web3 is Going Just Great (Courtesy of Molly White)

The crypto market downturn has caused many to shy away from discussing cryptocurrency, NFTs, blockchain, and Web3 projects at this year’s SXSW. But one featured speaker and software engineer-turned-Web3 critic, Molly White, is keen to debunk the myths of the tech industry before the next hype bubble begins. Her website and Twitter feed, Web3 Is Going Just Great, has gained recognition for its colorful design and highlighting of the negative impacts of Web3.

“We’re seeing that same thing play out in AI already that we saw with Web3: The tech was described as this mythical, magical invention that was going to revolutionize the world.” – Molly White

White believes that tech news media has a tendency to be too positive and hopeful in its coverage of emerging technologies, obscuring critical perspectives in the process. She argues that journalists need to learn from the failures of earlier coverage and understand how the technology actually works. At SXSW, White will discuss her views in her session, Popping the Web3 Bubble.

In addition, investments in Web3 companies have not completely dried up. A sizable 894 startups (excluding virtual reality/Metaverse) are expected to receive funding in 2023, according to Web3-focused data intelligence platform EdgeIn.

White does think there are plenty of lessons to learn for the next big tech hype bubble as well as the responsibilities of technologists and journalists. “Just understanding how the technology actually works versus how it is perceived to work, or how it is said to work by people with vested interest, is critical.”

Molly White at SXSW

Unraveling the Web3 Mythology

Tue 14, 10am, Convention Center, Room 16AB

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