“Exploring the Possibility of a Crypto and Multiverse-Powered Future for Online Arcades”


Cryptocurrencies and the metaverse are interconnected – the virtual space in which the differences with reality become imperceptible. This is what the Partouche Group, a transalpine holding operating in the hospitality sector, are taking advantage of with their subsidiary, Partouche Multiverse. This entertainment 3.0 entails the use of virtual casinos and cryptocurrencies.

In Italy, however, regulations and laws on digital currencies are yet to come into effect. The Bank of Italy does not acknowledge digital currencies as real currency, and European directives such as the European MICA on cryptocurrencies are aiming to increase transparency and require all cryptocurrency service providers to report transactions of customers in the Union. El Salvador is the only country where cryptocurrencies can be used to gamble, and while Italy is not far behind, there are still restrictions to the usage.

Currently, Italian iGaming portals do not accept cryptocurrencies for registration and promotions. Cash, credit/debit cards and electronic wallets are the payment methods accepted, with electronic wallets being the most recent innovation. By 2023 this could change, as Cristaltec Entertainment announce the launch of a new service that allows users to top up their game account with cryptocurrencies.

It seems the future of cryptocurrencies and the metaverse are intertwined, and the desire to dematerialize reality is becoming more achievable. However, the regulations and laws surrounding digital currencies are still uncertain and the gambling industry in Italy is yet to evolve with the use of cryptocurrencies.

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