Explosive DigiToads Presale Breaks Records


  • DigiToads is an exciting new web3 game that lets you collect, nurture and battle Toad NFTs.
  • The DigiToads presale is in the third stage called “Lilypad 3.’
  • Only 3.92% of the current presale stage remains to be claimed.

The cryptocurrency space is abuzz with the extraordinary growth of the DigiToads (TOADS) presale, which has seen incredible investment from crypto fanatics and play-to-earn (P2E) gamers. The presale has gained popularity at a frenetic rate, akin to that observed with the Stepn (GMT) and Aptos (APT) presales.

When comparing the DigiToads presale to the likes of Stepn and Aptos, it is clear to see the numerous similarities. The current stage of the TOADS presale is almost fully sold out at 96.08%, and investors can join the presale here. Both Stepn and Aptos witnessed phenomenal growth during their respective presales, with investors scrambling to get their hands on the tokens before they ran out.

What is driving the success of the DigiToads (TOADS) presale?

DigiToads is a unique platform that merges the worlds of NFTs, DeFi tokens, and GameFi. It gives users the chance to stake their NFTs in exchange for increased rewards while gaming on the platform.

The DigiToads presale is a great opportunity for investors to buy TOADS tokens at a lower price. At the time of writing, one TOADS token is trading at 0.016 USDT. Since launching, the presale has reached its third stage of the ten planned stages, raising a remarkable $1 million in just a few weeks.

Comparing the DigiToads Presale to the Stepn Presale

The Stepn (GMT) presale was a great success, collecting over $9 million in funds. During the presale period, the price of GMT continuously increased as it gained traction.

The TOADS presale is exhibiting similar growth and is no doubt benefiting from similar marketing strategies as Stepn. The token has many features that make it attractive to investors, and these, along with its potential for growth, are likely driving its success.

Comparing the Aptos Presale to the DigiToads Presale

Aptos (APT) is the latest layer one blockchain, created by the same team behind Meta. The APT token was backed by venture capital when it began its presale in October 2022. The token’s price skyrocketed from $2 to $10 in a few short months.

The TOADS token has seen similar growth, with its price rising during its presale. This makes it a coin to watch in the coming weeks.

Is DigiToads’ TOADS token a good investment?

Investing in cryptocurrencies carries significant risks and the crypto market is highly volatile, with many scam projects out there. However, there are still some viable projects that investors can take advantage of, and the TOADS presale may be one such opportunity.

The TOADS token has many utilities and its price has been steadily going up during the presale. Investing in the token before it goes mainstream could be a great chance for investors.

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