Exposing Crypto-Finance Connections With NFTethics


© Reuters. Exposing Crypto-Finance Connections With NFTethics
  • Twitter account NFTethics uncovered a network of connections between cryptography and major financial scandals.
  • Several investments in Christian Angermayer can be linked to fraudulent transactions.
  • The findings raised ethical concerns about influential digital players.

Twitter’s NFTethics page has shared a thread which uncovers a web of connections between NFTs/crypto and notorious financial scandals, such as Wirecard 1MDB Goldman Sachs (NYSE:), and controversial financiers/investors.

These connections are more than just coincidental. As an example, the connections shown are: Mike NovogratzWho owns Galaxy Digital, was once college roommates with Joseph Lubin, cofounder of, and was able to buy 500,000 ETH for less than $500k. Vitalik Buterin. Novogratz, Lubin, Dan Morehead You can also find out more about the following: Pantera Capital. Pete Briger You can also find out more about the following: Fortress All of them are known as early investors in the cryptocurrency space.

The The thread claims that a number of investments in Christian AngermayerA business associate of the two Peter Thiel The following are some examples of how to get started: NovogratzICO BlockOneThe investments made through Angermayer’s FinLab. The The thread raises questions about the ethical implications of influential digital players.

Moreover. The thread adds numerous IPOs related to Angermayer Shareholders are usually linked to entities that have plummeted drastically. Angermayer Or his business partners. FTX reportedly made investments in Angermayer’s pharmaceutical company, RejuveronOther entities connected to AngermayerBut it’s not clear why FTX made this investment.

In NFTethics suggests that Lars Windhorst, a controversial German A financier with a history of questionable business practices is connected Goldman Sachs The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us: Falcon Private BankIt also had involvement in the 1MDB scam. Windhorst The alleged personal contact between Khadem al-QubaisiThe prime suspect is serving a prison sentence of 15 years. Falcon Bank, one of the first cryptocurrency banks, went bankrupt. Its executives then went to work with their partner Suisse.

The Thread reveals ethical worries about the digital world and its influential players, and attempts to expose uncomfortable truths about them. The allegations in the thread suggest that there may be links between NFTs/crypto, major financial scandals, and controversial financiers/investors, which may have broader consequences for the ethical core of Web3.

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