Latest Ethereum 2.0 Update: Full Audit and Pre-Launch Rewards


Exciting news this week:

These are only a few of the updates. The development teams are also working towards production. Find out more about the upcoming week here!


Complete Minimum Authority Phase 0 Audit

We had a conversation with them many months ago. Least Authority conducted a full examination of the Phase 0 specifications. This audit was comprehensive and checked for possible DoS attacks and misuse of resources.

The audit is now finished. The public review is available 🎉.

The Minimum Authority Audit helped us to patch DoS vectors in the gossip messages with additional validation conditionsA and B(C and D), and triggered further investigation into potential DoS attacks using libp2p gossipsub control messages (G).

In addition to these specific issues identified by the audit, it also made suggestions for improving the p2p protocol, exploring gossip enforcement techniques, and peer-reviewing core proof/consensus documents.

Much thanks to Least Authority. It was an honor to work with you and your auditors on this project.

Phase 0 Pre launch Rewards Program

We are pleased to announce the Phase 0 Pre-launch Rewards Program: 0!

This program is intended to motivate You to find and report bugs in the Phase 0 core specs before the mainnet launch 🐛. You can earn up to $10k in Eth2 bug bounty rewards.

The Ethereum Foundation is now running the program until the end of the Phase 0 mainnet launch. After that, there will be a transition to the standard Ethereum Bounty Program.

Read more For more details on how to report, severity levels and rewards, see the Rules.

We’re excited to launch the program and give away the first three bug bounties!

Happy 🐛 hunting!

Unifying Communication eth1+eth2

Since deVcon in Osaka, something magical has taken place. The Stateless Ethereum Movement has gone from an ambiguous eth1x research project to a clear roadmap with broad participation from the community.

This move is complementary to the scaling efforts of eth2 and research, specification and development as well as conversations between eth1+eth2 are increasingly

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