Final Countdown to Eth2.0 Mainnet


📣 Last Chance to Train Before Mainnet Launch 📣

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Spadina Launch Pad Activation

Today, the Spadina Launch pad Has gone live🎉

If you don’t know, Spadina This is a user-friendly eth2 testnet, which will be ended on September 29. If you are interested in honing your depositing and genesis abilities prior to the mainnet launch, then Spadina is perfect for you – submit deposits today! Make sure to check out the quick update last week For more details on the what and why of Spadina.

First, visit the eth2 testnet EthStaker Discord Ask for help and advice. From there you can select a client and gain access to client-specific discords.

Repository CLI Audit Concluded

The newest audit wave connected to the eth2 Community covers all facets of the tech, including specifications, cryptography libraries, clients and command-line tools to client software.

We are delighted to announce that bit trail Has just completed the Audit of the eth2.0-repository-cliUse this tool We anticipate it being used extensively by players in tandem with the Launchpad. The cli developer team is currently dealing with the 10 code quality recommendations and findings. You can monitor their progress Here.

Also, there are ongoing audits of the client software eth2 in addition to this audit. Keep your eyes open This issue Stay up to date on the most recent happenings

EIP 2982

Last Week Vitalik And I announced EIP-2982: Serenity Phase 0.

Despite This Stimulated a dialogue Among the writers, the release of this EIP (✅), together with the selection of the last parameters of mainnet v1.0 and the release of the deposit contract (tbd, very soon), are some of the final tasks that remain ahead of mainnet.

The phase 0 mainnet will be finished soon (no more info needed). “™️”), and all involved are making their last preparations for launch🚀

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