Quick Overview of Eth2 #3


Welcome To the third edition of the fast eth2 update.


  • Enhance Branch decision safeguards in response to audits
  • Release of challenges.ethereum.org
  • Herumi Award for super-fast implementation of BLS

Fork Choice Protections

This This week, we reinforced the defenses in anticipation of the Phase 0 fork selections We We spent lots of time studying eth2 to guarantee stability even in extreme conditions (e.g., large attackers, outages, etc.). network or a portion of it, etc.). With For any engineering project of this magnitude, the aim is to discover as many issues as possible and prepare for these situations before release. Hence This is why we have called upon many external teams and researchers for audits, financial analysis and formal verification of the eth2. But as we approach launch we must remain attentive and adaptable to any unforeseen attacks in production. (For instance, the 2016 Shanghai DoS attacks).

To A consensus researcher can help with this effort. Ryuya NakamuraWe assessed the eth2 consensus algorithms (Casper FFG) and the branch selection rules (LMDGHOST) in order to determine how these components of the protocol may be used in some situations. scenarios. He Many great writings are available. ethresearch.ch We will discuss in detail the attack vectors and suggested remedies. Refer to Decoy-flip-flop attack on LMD GHOST, Analysis FFG bounce attackY Preventing Bounce Attacks FFG For some enjoyable and informative reading.

FortunatelySimple modifications are all that are needed to make the recommended solutions to the lure-flipflop and bounce attacks. Phase 0 fork-choice specification. The You can solve the lure-flipflop attack by studying only the validator attestations. Existing and past Addition attestations regarding the choice and usage of the fork You This PR can be seen making this change in the spec Here. The The addition of a new justified checkpoint in a fork choice is delayed until the next epoch boundary Only updating the branch option’s last justified checkpoint during the first can solve a bounce attack What Slots of an epoch After What Slots: . You You can verify this modification Here.

Several Other components of this product Phase 0 specifications are currently undergoing audit. While We don’t anticipate any major changes, but we do expect a few extra suggestions for post-audit PR changes in the months ahead.


We have just launched challenges.ethereum.org. This Site is the single source of all current bounties hosted at the Ethereum Foundation Related to Ethereum Research and development. The There are many rewards to finding weaknesses in existing systems. Ethereum Infrastructure to find collisions in new haveh functions. Something For everyone:

We’ll We will continue to improve EF’s rewards program over the next few months. Keep checking back for new opportunities.

Herumi BLS Scholarship