Fast Eth2 Update No. 6


This week, we are glad to present you quick eth2 update! I’ve got a few new testsnets online. everything is running fine on my laptop. There is still a lot of work to be done, but things are starting to take shape.


Comprehensive Assessment of Phase 0 to be conducted by minimal authority

We are delighted to announce that minimal authority will be conducting an audit of the eth2 specs. This thorough security audit will focus on the most important elements, such as Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, resource misuse attacks that might result in unwanted forks/chains and network-related attacks.

Least Authority is a renowned expert in mechanism and incentive design, decentralized/distributed system architecture, and blockchain system analysis. They had already collaborated with the Ethereum Foundation in the past, such as a discv5 audit and a Gas economy analysis and proof that work, and now we have the opportunity to work with them again. Having a complete security audit is essential for a successful business. We are eagerly awaiting the initial report to be issued in the beginning of February.

Lighthouse Testnet launched with mainnet setup

Last week, sigma prime released the long-awaited Lighthouse Public testnet. This testednet utilized mainnet spec setup and at its peak, it was able to support 16815 active validators.

At the launch, Sigma Prime stated that “we’re going to start trying to crash this testnet and I suspect we’ll be successful.” They succeeded. When two of their heavyweight validating nodes went off the grid, it resulted in a 100+ year-long finality lull. Sigma Prime team decided to shut down the network to fix bugs and work on new optimizations before restarting it. Early. You can find the Postmortem here. Today’s eth2 conference discussed the plans to relaunch the testnet tomorrow and open it to public usage after initial stability testing.

If you would like to get involved and participate in these testnets, feel free to do so. If you have any questions or if something is unclear to you, please speak up. If you are having trouble compiling, please create an Issue. If you find an error in the readme file, please fix it! Everyone is eligible and open source software is usually accepted. The more you contribute, the better it is for everyone.

P.S. Sigma Prime is looking for a Skilled Rust Developer to work in Faro. Check It out!

Nimbus Integrates native nimlibp2p

Earlier this year, Ethereum Foundation, Protocol Labs and Status co-funded A grant to Nimbus to create a native nim language libp2p Implementation. This implementation was to be incorporated into the Nimbus eth2 client, and made available as a p2p option for

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