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Gambling Community Subsidies

This week, the EF released the open call for Grants in an effort to support a better gambling experience. This grant program targets tools, documentation, educational materials, etc. related to staking. Check out the Not exhaustive Wish List for more details, and submit your proposal before December 22!

Testnets V1.0 Ethereum 2.0 – Toledo and Pyrmont

This week, the client developers led by protolambda released Toledo, a 16k validation network with mainnet configuration V1.0. This network is not suitable for making deposits, and is mostly used for developer experimentation and initial testing. Soon after, the team aims to launch Pyrmont – a 100k testnet which will closely simulate the mainnet. When it’s stable and available, the community will be able to access it and test final versions of software and configurations before mainnet launches. Because it uses the mainnet configuration, it will be subject to the same activation queue mechanics. Be a good citizen by only making one or two validation deposits to ensure shorter wait times.

Pyrmont will be supported at the very least via eth2 principalnet genesis. We will then discuss the various options to create a longer-term testnet with improved stability and UX properties. Enjoy your time until then!

Main Network Repositories

If you haven’t noticed it yet, the eth2 Mainnet Deposit Contract is now active. You can find the mainnet Deposit Agreement at the following address: 0x00000000219ab540356cBB839Cbe05303d7705Fa. Please triple check this address before you send funds. The MIN_GENESIS_TIME is December 1 at 12 PM UTC, and the GENESIS_DELAY is 7 days. This means you must put your deposits on chain no later than November 24 at 12 UTC in order to make sure they are included in the Genesis block. For more information, refer to Ben Edgington’s book – Genesis Writing.

Good luck and happy betting!🚀

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