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The Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI) has once again expressed its concern about the cryptocurrency investment scam known as The “pig slaughter” It is now becoming widespread in the US. “Be very wary when you go on social media and dating apps and someone starts to build a relationship with you,” An FBI specialist noted.

FBI Reiterates Alert About Crypto Pig Slaughter Scam

The Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI), has repeated its apprehension about the “pig slaughter” Cryptocurrency investment scam Frank FisherA public affairs specialist at the FBI, Albuquerque division has alerted about the crypto pigslaughter scam “now sweeping the nation,” CNN reported MondayHe is quoted as saying:

Be Be careful when using dating apps and social media. If someone starts to form a bond with you and asks you to invest, be cautious. Don’t Get killed.

In pig slaughter schemes, scammers “fatten the pig by making the victim think they are investing in something and have them transfer money into cryptocurrency,” Explained Santa Clara County, California District Attorney Jeff Rosen. He Furthermore, criminals are involved in pig slaughtering schemes “fatten” They then use the victims’ digital wallets to steal the money.

Rosen’s Office manages a multi-agency taskforce that fights technology-related crimes. He His research revealed that these scams are mostly based abroad. Cambodia And China.

The District Attorney warned that scammers are especially active around the holidays because they often take advantage of people who may be feeling lonely.

According To RosenThe scammers are well aware that pig-killing operations use advanced methods. “trained by psychologists to try to figure out the best way to manipulate people.” He This is why it is so important:

You You will be dealing with people who will use psychological tactics to make your vulnerable and get you to part with your money.

US authorities warned in August The crypto pig slaughter scheme is rapidly becoming increasingly popular. In NovemberThe Department Of Justice (DOJ) seized seven domain names used in hog slaughter schemes.

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