Fed Reserve of San Francisco Seeks Crypto Architect for CBDC Project


The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco is looking for a Crypto Architect to work on its Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) project. According to the job posting on Indeed, the position is full-time and hybrid, with an annual salary starting at $134,900. The applicant should possess knowledge of distributed systems implementation, cryptographic protocols such as hashing, public-private keypairs and signing, consensus algorithms, and security.

The Fed seeks to understand the potential technologies and costs associated with CBDC. This position has been open for over a month. The Lead Application Developer will be responsible for implementing example systems related to the CBDC initiative. They will collaborate with management, other developers, development operations teams, and vendors.

However, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors has not yet decided whether to issue a CBDC. This possibility has sparked controversy in the US, with many opponents claiming it threatens privacy and could lead to government control, while supporters see it as a way to apply blockchain technology.

Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis recently declared that if he is elected, he will ban CBDCs in the US. He stated, “If I am the president, on day one, we will nix central bank digital currency. Done. Dead. Not happening in this country.”

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