FEX BALD Meme Token Soars on Launch Day at BaseFEX


Within 24 hours of its launch, meme token BALD generated a market capitalization of $70 million. Data from CoinGecko shows that in the past 24 hour, BALD worth over $66.7 million was traded with 14,000 transactions. Its price rose by 70% to $0.06. A 40,000% jump was recorded on Twitter, with Wu Blockchain reporting that 25,000 ETH was deposited on the Base chain, of which LeetSwap BALD/WETH had more than 9,800 WETH.

Lookonchain also reported that some savvy investors made huge returns from BALD’s launch. One case involved four addresses using 0.534 ETH (roughly 1k dollars) to purchase 50,000,000 BALD. Within minutes, the transactions were completed and accounted for 50% of the total supply. The addresses were sold for 37 million BALD, resulting in a return of over 1,04 million dollars, or 554 ETH.

On-chain data further showed that a PEPE whale bought 13.6 million BALD worth $937k – after they sold 720.8 billion PEPE for about $943k. The address is currently the largest holder of the token other than BALD’s developer.

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