FightOut Crypto Pre-Sale Unveiled: Here’s Why This Move-to-Earn Project Could Be the Next Token to Take Off in 2023


London, England, Wednesday 14th December 2022 – A new Move-to-Earn (M2E) currency is here and it’s shaking up the health and fitness industry. Introducing FightOut, the revolutionary project that could be the next big token to take off in 2023.

FightOut is a members-only platform that uses $FGHT as its access token. It’s a combination of real-life training and a metaverse challenge that the world has never seen before.

The token is currently available at $0.01665002 (60.06 = $1 USDT) with no minimum or maximum purchase limits.

Taking on the $96 billion industry with a revolutionary combat-based strategy

The health and fitness industry is estimated to be worth a staggering $1.5 trillion. It’s projected to reach $96 billion by 2022, but it’s stuck in the past. Fortunately, FightOut, M2E and FightOut are here to save the day.

FightOut is a highly ambitious fundraiser that could raise up to $100 million.

During its 7-day private sale, FightOut was able to raise more than $1 million. The public sale for the first round is already gaining momentum.

Health and well-being are closely linked to fitness, meaning that any type of activity that helps you reach or maintain your fitness goals can be beneficial. FightOut is here to provide investors with a great opportunity.

FightOut’s main mission is to challenge the existing Web 2.0 model and address its flaws. This is why it’s implementing Web 3.0 Move-to-Earn technology, such as the one used by STEPN.

FightOut is backed by Transak, LBank LabsBlockMedia Labs?, and

FightOut’s Unique Selling Points: Bringing Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 Together

FightOut’s greatest strength is likely to make it a top-ranking crypto project soon.

M2E platforms such as STEPN have done a lot to popularize the idea of ​​rewarding measurable activity and fitness goals with in-app coins. But FightOut is significantly more advanced.

For starters, FightOut will measure more than just steps. It will use new technology, such as sensors at the gym, to track all types of activity. You don’t even need to purchase expensive NFTs to use the platform.

FightOut also goes beyond specific fitness goals. It rewards users who strive for a holistic, healthy lifestyle, not just those who take walks around the block.

One of the most innovative ideas is the creation of soulbound avatars. They can be tied to the user via the app, and they come with attributes like strength, muscle conditioning and cardiovascular performance. Your real-life workouts can be recorded and used to level up your avatar.

Your avatar is a great way to make physical activity more social by connecting with other users in the virtual world. It’s also the key to unlocking the FightOut metaverse.

FightOut is a force for positive change in the world of fitness

FightOut isn’t just about popularizing Web 3.0 technology. It’s also about helping the hundreds of millions of people who exercise or don’t around the world.

FightOut provides boxers, as well as athletes of other types, with opportunities. It uses its “styles make the fights” approach to create fitness programs tailored to different sports and activities.

Having elite athletes involved in the program will be great for motivation. They can provide inspiration for app and gym users with videos, training routines and gym activities.

FightOut plans to open up to 20 gyms in cities with vibrant FightOut communities. Eventually, the platform will have hubs in all the major global cities.

The FightOut app encourages token use and adds value to the $FGHT token

The FightOut smartphone app is the heart of the platform. It uses phone and smartwatch-based technologies to measure and record physical performance.

FightOut is a subscription-based service, and users can access it using $FGHT/REPS tokens. There’s also a 25% discount for purchases made with $FGHT.

Users who earn rewards in REPS can use them to buy goods in the app, as well as remote consultations and personal training with FightOut’s unique fighter trainers or personal trainers. You can also use REPS to purchase merchandise and a wide range of digital goods, such as avatar cosmetics.

You can also buy additional REPS with $FGHT, which is another way to support the value of the token.

Social networks, metaverses, AI, ambassadors, gyms and more

Each user’s avatar is a reflection of their real achievements. It can act as a bridge for

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