Financie Commences Preparations for IEO of Entertainment DAO Project SUPER SAPIENSS Led by Yukihiko Tsutsumi, Katsuyuki Motohiro and Yuichi Sato – Press Release


PRESS RELEASE. Public offering of ”SUPER SAPIENSS NFT” on December 24.

Financie, Inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo; CEO: Hironao Kunimitsu; hereinafter referred to as “Financie”) has begun preparations for the IEO (*1) of the entertainment DAO project ”SUPER SAPIENSS”. In addition, “SUPER SAPIENSS NFT” will be made available to the public on December 24th, starting at 6am EST.



Finance has signed a partnership agreement with Light Inc. in July 2022 to provide IEO support services, such as setting up a token economy, structuring, analyzing and clarifying risks from the perspective of laws and regulations, accounting and taxes (*2), and preparing applications for the management of newly issued cryptocurrencies. This is done by leveraging the expertise and experience gained during IEO. Financie has already provided its services to Angkor Tiger FC, Iganmu Tiger FC, Japan Cycle League and Ryukyu Astida.

“SUPER SAPIENSS” is an entertainment venture led by three directors. Yukihiko Tsutsumi, Katsuyuki Motohiro and Yuichi Sato are the leaders. Japanese producer Takeshi Moriya is best known for his work on “Midnight Swan” and other films, which demonstrate the entire process from conception to completion. Since the launch of FiNANCiE in January 2022, he has been involved in collaborative creation and production of original webtoons. Financie is promoting “SUPER SAPIENSS” to expand the token economy beyond FiNANCiE with the support of the issuance of crypto assets.

*1 IEO stands for “Initial Exchange Offering”. Before launching a sale, token offerings will go through a series of checks by exchanges. Tokens can be used for fundraising and community building.

*2 Financie does not offer professional advice based on the Law on Lawyers, the Law on Certified Public Tax Accountants, etc.

【Public Sale Scheme】

Goal: Everyone can purchase from the Mint website (first come, first served).


2022/12/24 6am ~ 2022/12/25 6am (EST)

2022/12/24 11am ~ 2022/12/25 11am (GMT)

2022/12/24 3am ~ 2022/12/25 3am (PST)

Quantity: 500 + any amount that is not sold out in the pre-sale. The following is the minting site (unlimited mints/up to 5 mints at once).

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