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Renaming Blog Completed

If You’ve been following the news about Ethereum recently, you may have noticed the big upgrade in the works. Instead of using terms like “eth1” and “eth2”, I’m doing my best to get rid of these. I mentioned this in a post in January “The State of Eth2”.

But what do we call this set of Ethereum upgrades? There are two main components to this upgrade: consensus layer and application layer. The consensus layer is the one that ensures the protocol’s security, sustainability, and scalability. This is where the “eth2 clients” come in, which are implementations of the proof-of-stake consensus. The application layer is the one that handles the bulk of the work after the upgrade to proof-of-stake. Right now, Ethereum uses a proof-of-work consensus algorithm, but a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism called beacon chain is in production and is secured by 3.5M ETC.

So, to continue my campaign, I’m renaming this blog series. Now it will be called “Finished: The Ethereum Consensus Layer”, which refers to the most important role of the proof-of-stake consensus layer. Objective.

Make sure to upgrade your nodes

Remain compatible with Berlin

The Ethereum PoW chain will undergo a mainnet upgrade called Berlin on April 14, 2021. This is a backwards-incompatible fork and therefore requires updating your software to continue with the mainnet. You can find out more in the EF Ethereum Berlin Update Announcement.

In order to become a beacon-chain participant, you need an authorization to link your Ethereum PoW endpoint with all validator roles. This is to enable the creation of validator repositories, which allows the system components to be interconnected.

It is important to keep your Ethereum Nodes for PoW updated. If you are running Pyrmont, you should update your Goerli Nodes before March 172021. If you want to be able to validate on the mainnet, you must upgrade your PoW nodes before April 142021.

Remember to update your beacon node as well

In addition to upgrading your PoW Nodes, I also recommend that you upgrade your beacon Nodes. There have been some exciting optimizations for all mainnet clients. For optimal performance and cost-efficiency, you should download the most current version. Upgrade Your nodes 🚀

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