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Altair Pre-version Now Available

Over The past seven days, the Altair pre-release specifications of Beacon Chain’s have been published, such as Astronomer v1.1.0-alpha.1 Y Half of them are just dots v1.1.0-alpha.2 — This is the first complete set of functions. The Altair update for the beacon chain provides engineers with something concrete to look into and gives them a better understanding of the beacon chain.

The Altair upgrade includes minor incentive patches, idle validator accounting, higher penalty severity, and stateful management of validator rewards simplification. In addition, it provides light customer support.

The engineering teams are currently working on integrating the preview updates and giving feedback. After that, we can do a full release and start the testing phase.

Call for Proposals to Enhance Security, Testing and Analysis

Recently, the EF published a beacon chain security+testing Call for Proposals. This is an open call for proposals to improve the security, analysis, and testing of the beacon chain. To go beyond the customer engineering, there is still much to be done to further examine, refine, and strengthen the beacon system before the merger. We also want to get more teams with different experiences to go deeper.

Have a look at the Call for Proposals for some ideas. You can email for more guidance. We can discuss your team’s background and expertise, as well as provide some guidance. After that, we can come up with a plan.

If you know of any individual or team that may fit this Call for Proposals, please submit it.

Fusion Progress

Fusion Progress is heating up🔥

What is the fusion? It is the union and combination of the Ethereum application layer (currently supporting proof of work) and the proof of stake consensus layer of the beacon chain. Although the beacon chain has gone live, it has not been able to reach a consensus yet. After the fusion, this beacon chain will become the central hub for all the dapps, smart contracts, and accounts that you use every day.

In the recent weeks, the combination designs have continued to evolve. Have a look at Mikhail’s recent Spec PR for the newest synthesis of merger structures and plans. We anticipate that these primary designs will be incorporated into the specifications within the next few days and engineers will start working on the next round of demos or testnets.

We have also started a biweekly call to increase collaboration between the various teams. You can track the progress and actively participate in the Eth R&D Discord #merge channel 🚀

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