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Advancing Altair

AltairThe first update due to the Beacon ChainIt has made steady progress. This week, the Beacon Chain Specifications v1.1.0-alpha.6 — Protostellar Evolution. While This is an alpha version. Unless there are practical engineering or security considerations, it is not expected that the product specifications will change.

Client Teams are busy creating temporary testnets and passing consensus tests vectors. The In the next few weeks, teams will make decisions on the timeline. Altair Code changes are becoming stable and multi-client interoperability is beginning.

For More details about the updates that will be coming to the Beacon Chain On Altair, please look at Vitalik’s Latest release of Altair Annotated specifications.

Rayonism Summary Fusion Progress

The rayonism hackathon Last week, came to an end with Nocturne testnet, a multi-client Merge Testnet that consists of 4 execution engines and 3 consensus engines, allowing for 12 client pairs.

Dozens of thousands of validators and hundreds of nodes were set up to secure a beacon chain which provides native support to a lively community. Ethereum Application layer that includes user accounts, contracts, transactions, and other features.

🎉 We are immensely grateful to all the participating teams and protolambda for driving this effort forward🎉

The Rayonism Teams were able to quickly create basic prototypes during the hackathon Merge Designed and understand the practical application of this system. All Teams now have a strong understanding of the Merge Structure and a clear vision for how their software will evolve over the next 12 months.

This summer, teams will be concentrating on the forks. London Y altaïr While the researchers go back to Link Refinements and testing specifications. After The summer updates will see the teams switch their attention to Merge Begin working on production engineering for public testnets🚀

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