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The Road To Altair Edition🛣⭐️


Pyrmont Forks and trials underway

In The wake of a few small but highly beneficial changes to the Altair development network, last week Pyrmont Fork was successfully upgraded. This marks the start of the transition to Altair, as the test went off without a hitch. Now, we are running a series of tests to assess its capabilities. This includes test scenarios concerning the soon-to-be outdated Testnet. Don’t be alarmed! At the time of writing, there are already 482 epochs which have not yet achieved finality. However, there are some validators who have been offline for a few days. This type of testing helps to identify potential problems in the consensus code and shed light on customer issues while handling load in abnormal circumstances.

Up Next is Prater

Now that Pyrmont is up and running, the next step is Prater, the larger, more long-term testnet. Customers and their teams have agreed on a date for the upgrade – September 2 (12:00 UTC). You can take a look at the full configuration of the Altair Prater Network Here.

Keep an eye out for customer releases which include the Prater Fork installation. These should be released sometime in the coming week, allowing you to update your testnet nodes in preparation for the hard fork next Thursday.

After the Prater Update: This will be a great time to explore various operations within the network. Get involved as a validator, cut yourself loose and have some fun!

When is Altair mainnet coming?

Although there is still much to be done, Altair mainnet is just around the corner. Assuming the process of updating Pyrmont and the successful upgrade of Prater runs smoothly, customer teams are aiming for a late September Altair Mainnet release🚀

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