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Minimal withdrawals are attainable.


  • Node operators, stakers and infrastructure providers – take a look at what is coming!
  • He Round Of Academic Scholarships Applications must be submitted before the deadline of February 27, 2023.

Shapella Coming Soon🌅

The mainnet upgrade to Shanghai+Capella (Shapella) is moving into its final pre-launch phase: public testnets!

He Zhejiang Take a look at the community Is visible and open for events and customers to view Shapella Momentan. The first of the long-standing public testnets is expected to be activated on February 28. SepoliaIt is expected that it will go through its upgrade.

Shapella There are several options, but the key to the consensus layer of the network is the inclusion of withdrawals. Full For validators who have left, withdrawals may be available. However, partial withdrawals are possible for active validator balances more than 32 ETH. In To be able to withdraw, validators must have the following: must Have an execution layer withdrawal credential of 0x01. If If a validator has a 0x00 BLS withdrawal symbol, it should indicate a change operation from 0x00 to 0x01 in order to allow withdrawals.

Please take a look at the following Frequently Questions regarding ETH withdrawals Learn more about the withdrawal mechanisms and how to enable withdrawals to your validator.

If You are an Ethereum Participant, node operator or infrastructure supplier, or in any other situation Get it now It’s It’s time to get ready. Shapella Take a look at the software you are trying to replace and pay attention. From Every public testnet can now be updated, and, if everything goes according to plan, then the mainnet too will soon follow suit.

Academic Grant Round Started🤓

He Round Of Academic Scholarships It has begun!

After Last year’s success in inviting lecturers from all over the world to work on projects within the Ethereum orbit, the program has been restarted with an exciting new format You want a checklist Covering topics in cryptography, protocol design, and a new category: the humanities. Use These are the best topics and themes to inspire you, but don’t let them stifle creativity. Projects Any area that is linked to Ethereum It can be considered as: security, purpose, impact, community.

Applications Tutorial grants are open until February 27, 2023. Apply now 🚀

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