“Flare enables decentralized CEX-style trading with Raindex launch”


Raindex, a new decentralized trading platform, has been integrated into Flare, the blockchain for data network. This collaboration brings a unique CEX-style trading solution to the Flare ecosystem.

Raindex is a Rainlang smart contract language platform designed for desktop users. It combines the best features of both centralized and decentralized exchanges, offering full on-chain execution of trades, including advanced trading strategies such as stop loss and take profit. Users can also simulate the performance of their strategies before deploying them on-chain.

The Raindex app leverages Flare’s Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO), which enables real-time access to data and on-chain trading. This technology allows for activities that were previously only available on centralized exchanges, such as setting bid and offer prices, dollar-cost-averaging, and portfolio rebalancing.

The collaboration with Flare also enhances security for users. The FTSOv2 feature provides fast updates for real-time asset prices, eliminating the need for third-party data oracles. Users remain in control of their private keys and digital assets, ensuring DEX-style security.

Raindex has announced a $12,000 trading contest to celebrate its launch on Flare. This program aims to incentivize the community and will run throughout May 2024.

This integration marks a significant step forward for the DeFi space, as secure and reliable data is vital for writing successful trading strategies. Raindex’s use of Rainlang and Flare’s FTSO technology will undoubtedly bring new and innovative opportunities for the DeFi community.

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