“Floki DAO Plans to Incinerate 190 Billion Tokens in Bold Proposal”


  • A proposal has been made to burn 190 billion FLOKI tokens
  • If the vote passes, over $11 million worth of FLOKI tokens will be permanently removed from circulation
  • This could potentially cause an explosion in the FLOKI price

The Floki DAO has recently proposed a massive reduction in the total supply of the cryptocurrency project by burning 190 billion tokens, which accounts for 2% of the circulating supply.

The team behind FLOKI states that this burn will help ensure the security and long-term stability of the DAO and the Floki network.

The proposal is currently open for a community vote, with 84% of votes in support of the burn at the time of writing.

If the proposal is approved, the tokens will be permanently destroyed within a week. Otherwise, they will be kept in the Floki treasury for future use.


In January 2023, over $124 million worth of FLOKI tokens were burned, resulting in a 70% jump in the price of the meme coin. In recent weeks, FLOKI’s price has also been on the rise, along with other meme coins, as Bitcoin reaches a multi-year high of $64k.

Additionally, it was reported that digital asset company DWF Labs Market purchased $10 million worth of FLOKI in the next two years, causing a temporary spike in FLOKI’s price.

The number of visitors to the site has also increased by 67% in the past seven days.

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