“Flowdesk and Taki DAO Join Forces to Boost TAKI Liquidity”


Taki DAO and Flowdesk have announced a major partnership to boost liquidity for TAKI, the native token of the Ethereum-based Taki Games ecosystem. This partnership comes after TAKI’s expansion to Polygon in December.

Flowdesk, a digital asset trading tech firm, will provide market making and OTC services for TAKI, helping to make the rewards system for Taki Games more seamless and efficient for users. Taki Games CEO Weiwei Geng states that liquidity is crucial for the platform’s goal of bringing 3 billion gamers and $200 billion in revenue onto the blockchain.

This partnership is part of Taki Games’ efforts to increase liquidity across its ecosystem. In addition to the Flowdesk partnership, TAKI has also recently partnered with Polygon’s QuickSwap platform, and in December, announced a new native coin and redesigned tokenomics.

Taki Games has also merged with Unite and acquired several gaming studios, further expanding its reach in the Web3 gaming space. As a result, the demand for TAKI tokens has increased, with trading volumes exceeding $13 million in January.

Currently trading at $0.0017, TAKI has risen 85% in the past 30 days and reached a high of $0.018. The token previously reached a high of $2948 in April 2022.

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