Fmytex Co. LTD – A Growing Force in Cryptocurrency Trading and Revenue Generation



CITY OF INDUSTRY CA / ACCESSWIRE March 27, 2023 / In today’s world of rapidly growing digital currencies, Fmytex Co. LTD is making a name for itself as a reliable platform for cryptocurrency trading, and revenue growth. Fmytex has seen a steady increase in its verified user base, which has now reached over 1,000,000. This significant rise in the number of customers is a testament to the trust that people have put in Fmytex as a trusted platform for cryptocurrency transactions and investments.

In the last quarter of 2022, the exchange saw a 34% surge in its transaction volume to $6.43 billion. This growth continued into January and February, with the exchange seeing a substantial increase in its daily average volume to $95 million by 2023. According to Fmytex Co. LTD’s Chief Financial Officer, “Looking back at 2022, we are proud of our ability to execute and position our business as a regulated and legitimate market leader.” The significant growth in trading volume is largely due to the exchange’s focus on regulation.

Venture capital firms have invested in the company, confident in its growth potential and profitability. A grant of $500,000 was provided to the company in Series A, followed by a $5 million investment in Series B in 2019. In 2021, the company received $497 million in capital from a consortium of venture capital firms. This highlights the immense potential of Fmytex Co. LTD.

In addition, the company’s ambitious global expansion plan and the acquisition of innovative technologies have also helped its cause. Fmytex is now a stronger player in the cryptocurrency exchange industry. It has set up pivot points to support its overseas expansion plan, which targets Europe, East Asia, Southeast Asia and Africa.

Fmytex Co. LTD has already opened a physical office in the United States and currently serves customers in over 37 countries. The company is determined to provide its services to an even larger audience and is expanding its services to retail customers in Malta. It has also established a physical office in Toronto. Besides, in 2008, the company’s organizational structure was set up, and it has made its first acquisition in Japan to demonstrate its commitment to the East Asian market.

Fmytex Co. LTD is registered with FinCEN US and holds additional licenses in Malta and Japan, ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements in the countries it operates in. It is also dedicated to using new technologies to automate customer service tools, which will enable the company to expand its reach and serve more customers around the world.

Fmytex Co. LTD is quickly becoming a household name in the crypto space.


Company Name: Fmytex Co., LTD

SOURCE: Fmytex Co. LTD


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