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The Bitcoin ETF has been given the green signal, causing a stir in the digital asset market. However, investor sentiment and market uncertainty continue to affect digital asset shares. While Wall Street is currently bullish, the crypto markets remain volatile and can be influenced by overall market sentiment.

Despite rate cut fears, Wall Street is seeing a rise in the stock market

According to a report by Yahoo Finance, various brokerages and financial companies are adopting a bullish narrative about the stock market, despite concerns that the US may delay rate cuts by the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Open Market Committee recently decided to keep the federal funds rate target range at 5.25%–5.5% during its January meeting, meeting most market expectations. However, the Fed’s latest report shows steady economic growth, but also a decrease in inflation over the past year.

Despite this, positive economic news is no longer seen as a sign of impending interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve. Instead, it is seen as a positive indicator of increased business activity, which is good news for both the stock market and long-term investors.

Crypto markets are boosted by investor sentiment

The sentiment of investors plays a crucial role in the value of cryptocurrencies, with the Federal Reserve’s rate decisions being a key indicator. Lower interest rates can make assets like cryptocurrencies more appealing by decreasing the value of government bonds.

Global financial markets are predicting a rate cut in the near future, but current economic data suggests that the economy may not be strong enough for significant rate reductions. However, as the outlook for the stock market and other financial markets improves, investor risk appetite is expected to increase.

In the short-term, the crypto market may see a bullish trend due to positive sentiment and decreased volatility. Potential events such as the Bitcoin halving, potential Ethereum ETF approval, and upcoming earnings season could contribute to this trend.

Current expectations and market outlook

The overall outlook for the crypto market is positive, with institutions betting on a rise in Bitcoin prices. Bitwise has forecasted that by 2024, the price of Bitcoin could exceed $80,000, and institutional investment is expected to increase in the first half of that year. The upcoming elections are also expected to be a major focus for the market, according to Coinbase.

While Bitcoin remains the most well-known and widely circulated cryptocurrency, a bull run in its prices is usually a good sign for the entire virtual asset market. Currently, the market sentiment remains bullish, with the upcoming halving of Bitcoin in April and the US’s potential rate cut contributing to increased liquidity in the market.



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