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The After being dormant for more than a decade, some 2010 block rewards were used in 2020 and 2021. Particularly, On March 10, 2022, an entity transferred 489091 bitcoins that had been sitting in a wallet since 2010. In April 2022, five out of the five blocks from 2009 were also spent.

Old Bitcoin Block Rewards Spending Plunges In 2022 After Record Activity In 2020 and 2021

Data According to statistics, 2022 witnessed a decrease in the amount of old block rewards that were used to fund blocks that had been granted in 2009-2010 when compared to the two previous years. Specifically, Only 17 block reward blocks from 2010, totaling approximately 850 BTC, were used.

The First 2010 block reward for 2022 occurred at block height 719,822 was sent from the BTC Address “14Bdw” and was created on November 22, 2010. Three more 2010 block rewards were moved between January and February. On March 10, 2022, a large amount of 489.091 bitcoins was transferred from an address created on October 28, 2010. No block rewards were used in April 2010. However, the month of 2010 was unique because five blocks of rewards were moved from 2009.

Editor’s Note: The Terms “spent” Or “spent” This article does not necessarily imply that bitcoins have been “sold” An exchange of fiat or crypto assets with a third-party AlsoThe term “coinbase” (in lowercase) The block reward is a new minted block reward that is used in this article and does not refer the crypto exchange.

The First coinbase reward purchase of 2009 May 20, 2020. At At the time, the 250 BTC from the 2009 block grants were worth approximately $10.8million.

The Following month, on May 9, 2022. An address “1LNqD” Created on May 24/10/10, spent around 50 BTC at block 735,645. According to Btcparser.com, five block rewards were used. Each block reward had a 50 BTC value June 13 (block height 740 549) June 24, 2022.

On June 24, four out of the five blocks were spent at block level 742,183. Later, on August 22.22. A single block reward was increased to block height 750.594. Much Later, on November 11, 2022. A second 2010 block reward was earned at block height 762.711.

In December 2022, approximately two block rewards for 2010 were used. The First occurred on December 21, at block 768.302, and the 2nd took place on December 30, at block 769,482.

The 17 coinbase rewards from 2010 plus the 489 091 BTC from that year totals 1,339,091 BTC. Add the 2009 blocks and the sum of all the transactions between 2009 and 2010, which is roughly 1,589,091 BTC. When valued at current bitcoin exchange rates, 1.589.091 BTC is worth approximately $26.30 Million USD.

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