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Are you new to the world of crypto and feeling overwhelmed? With all the potential for profits and complexities to navigate, it can be daunting for beginners. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of the top three cryptocurrencies that are perfect for beginners. These gems include $XRP, $ADA, and our highly recommended pick, $GFOX.

If you’re interested in purchasing new crypto before it even hits the market, $GFOX is the way to go. This presale gem is currently in its sixth stage of presale and has already raised over 2.49 million, proving its potential. With a current price of $0.001749, it is one of the most affordable options for beginner investors.

One of the standout features of $GFOX is its play-to-earn game, where players can earn $GFOX tokens while enjoying exciting gameplay. The goal is to be in the top 20% of players on the leaderboard by the end of the gaming season, with rewards in the form of in-game currencies that can be exchanged for $GFOX tokens. Additionally, $GFOX offers other features such as 3,000 NFTs available for minting, physical merchandise, and staking rewards.

Experts predict that $GFOX will rise to $0.00198 in the next stage of its presale and is expected to skyrocket in the coming months with potential for over 100X returns.

For a more practical and widely-used option, consider $XRP. This digital currency and blockchain-based payment protocol is designed for fast and cost-effective cross-border transactions, making it a top choice for beginners. Despite facing legal battles, $XRP has remained a top 10 altcoin and is currently trading at $0.55. By the end of 2024, it is predicted to reach $1.8, but a potential win in the SEX Vs. XRP lawsuit could lead to even higher prices.

Another great option for beginners is $ADA, the native coin of the Cardano blockchain. $ADA is used to pay for gas fees and staking on the Cardano blockchain, and with a market capitalization of over $17 billion, it has proven to be a strong contender in the crypto market. Currently trading at $0.49, experts predict it will reach $1.55 within the year with the launch of new developments such as the age of Voltaire, Hydra state channels, and Partner Chains.

In conclusion, as a beginner in the crypto world, you don’t have to feel lost and uncertain anymore. These three cryptocurrencies are the best options to consider in 2021, and they all have the potential for significant growth in the coming months. $GFOX, in particular, is a promising choice for those looking for a 100X coin. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join the presale and potentially earn high returns.

To learn more about $GFOX, visit the Galaxy Fox Presale and join the community.

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