Galaxy Fox Presale Pumps as Markets Take a Break


After posting some impressive returns over the past month, coins like Chainlink, Avalanche and Solana have seen huge gains, yet the market looks like it’s starting to cool off. RSI is in the overbought zone, and prices are hovering above their daily averages – so what should traders do in this bearish moment?

Many are opting to invest in presale projects such as Galaxy Fox – recognized for its substantial growth potential and offering opportunities to holders to earn residual income through staking, P2E gaming, and token ownership. Built with Ethereum ERC-20 Technology, the Galaxy Fox ecosystem boasts an exciting new web3 runner game.

Players can earn $GFOX tokens by achieving top performance in the game, and purchase Galaxy Fox NFTs to boost their attributes, increasing strength, speed, agility, and power, as well as use $GFOX tokens to acquire attribute boosters – offering an edge over opponents.

At the end of each season, which includes weekly and monthly segments, the top 20% of players on the leaderboard are rewarded in game currencies that can be exchanged for $GFOX tokens. Additionally, 50% of the funds generated from in-game item sales are directed to the prize fund and distributed among the top 20% of players.

Galaxy Fox is a full utility meme coin with a vision to make a lasting and meaningful impact in the cryptosphere. It is far more reliable than many cheap memecoin knock-offs, having more in common with leading P2E tokens such as The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, Decentraland, and GALA.

The project also offers an excellent source of passive income with cryptocurrency in 2023 through staking and rewards distributed to top players in the game. So don’t just sit around on the sidelines asking what’s the best crypto to invest in right now? Take advantage of a rare chance to be a part of an exciting presale and buy Galaxy Fox before the next pump.

Learn more about Galaxy fox ($GFOX) here: Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join The Telegram Group | Follow Galaxy Fox on Twitter.

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