Gamma Testnet Goes Live: New Step for Bitcoin Revolution


Vulcan Blockchain recently revealed its Gamma Testnet launch, a major milestone in its journey to develop a powerful and scalable Blockchain ecosystem. The Testnet is now open to the public for developers, enthusiasts and other community members to test and explore the capabilities of the world’s first rebasing Blockchain.

The Gamma Testnet is an important stepping stone for the Vulcan Blockchain development roadmap. By allowing the community to collaborate and test the Blockchain and smart contracts, the team can gain valuable insights and feedback on Vulcan and identify potential challenges before the Mainnet is launched.

To access the Gamma Testnet, users can collect 10 test $VUL tokens using the official Vulcan Testnet Faucet. Vulcan Blockchain recommends using MetaMask as the preferred method to ensure a seamless experience.

For a successful installation of the Testnet, users can follow the instructions provided. Participation in this testnet phase will contribute to the development of the Vulcan Blockchain. To note, during the testing phase, users need to be aware of the accelerated epoch interval that has been sped up from 900 seconds to 90 seconds, in order to provide enhanced efficiency control.

Gamma Testnet details:
Network Name: Vulcan Testnet
Chain ID: 14333
Currency Symbol: VUL
Block explorer URL:

Throughout the Gamma Testnet phase, the Vulcan Blockchain team will be conducting an extensive Blockchain audit and designing a bug bounty program. These processes may require additional time to ensure the Mainnet is launched with the highest security and reliability.

To optimize user experience, the platform is eliminating the $VUL Sacrifice Checker from its decentralized app (dApp). In its place, there will be a newly upgraded all-inclusive Vulcan Blockchain dApp that combines the current data into a single one-stop solution. It should be noted that the existing version of the Vulcan application is a view only prototype.

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