German SMEs Get Boost with Taurus and Teylor Tokenized Loan Partnership on TDX Marketplace


Taurus and Teylor have come together to revolutionize the world of digital finance. Teylor, a Zurich-based Fintech platform, and Taurus, a Swiss Crypto custody firm backed by Deutsche Bank, have formed a strategic partnership to tokenize Teylor’s credit portfolio. This move will make the tokens eligible for secondary market trading on Taurus’ TDX marketplace, adhering to Luxembourg and European regulations.

The collaboration between the two firms is expected to attract significant investments from institutions over the next two weeks. With the TDX marketplace already facilitating over $1 billion in tokenized transactions, this move further solidifies Switzerland’s role as a leader in providing institutional-grade blockchain treatment for diverse asset classes.

The tokenized loans will target a range of German businesses from industrials to chemicals, precision machinery and import/export. This initiative addresses the needs of businesses that are not covered by traditional banking branches or corporate finance departments.

Patrick Stäuble, CEO of Teylor, highlighted that the tokenized loans have a range of €100,000 to €1.5 million, with investors such as Barclays. This partnership not only showcases the evolution of digital finance, but also demonstrates Switzerland’s commitment to fostering innovation in blockchain-based solutions.

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