Getting to Know Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency, or Bitcoin, was presented to the world in 2009 by a developer called Satoshi Nakamoto. It functions digitally without the influence of any third parties and is thought to be the best transaction procedure for companies. Consumers are able to trade Bitcoin easily with software made for its trading. 

As declared by Research Prospectthe value of Bitcoin has gone up since its introduction. In the same way as gold, it is an excellent way to safeguard your assets. Furthermore, it is the most accessible currency, since anyone can buy or sell Bitcoin with a secure internet connection. ‘Satoshi’ is the most minimal denomination of Bitcoin, named after its creator. 

How do Bitcoin transactions work?

This Bitcoin transaction is commonly known as the blockchain. There is a small fee from Bitcoin when any individual buys or sells any amount of Bitcoin. There are three main types of transaction fees in cryptocurrency: 

  • Wallet Fee

  • Exchange Fee

  • Network Fee 

The wallet fee is deducted any time a person sends funds from their wallet to another. The exchange fee is the one which is taken out after the completion of any order of transaction. The network fee is paid to the miners who provide these services to you. 

Coding is essential for storing and transferring cryptocurrency to other users. This fee is Bitcoin’s primary revenue source, just like any other business. 

Are Bitcoin transactions secure?

Bitcoin uses hash algorithms to transfer any amount by providing a unique code that is hard to hack. It is the most secure method for currency exchange up to this point. Nevertheless, there have been many cyber-attacks that have aimed to disrupt the security wall of cryptocurrency. 

All the Bitcoin transactions are saved in the network. It is recommended that you use different wallets for various types of transactions to keep a proper record. By doing so, others are unable to access your other codes stored in the application. 

Always research the software or service you plan on using either for Bitcoin mining or savings. 

How accessible is Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrency is spreading globally. Everyone has the availability to Bitcoin. Bitcoin is considered the most accessible currency globally since anyone with an astable internet connection and a cellular device can access it without discrimination of race, region, or gender. 

Cryptocurrency is redefining the role of banks by providing the lowest exchange rates, security, and availability around the world. 

How to cash your Bitcoin

You cannot cash Bitcoin directly. To do that, you will need to find a purchaser on the application that will buy your cryptocurrency and pay in the currency of your choice. By doing so, you can easily withdraw that amount. There can be restrictions, but such a transaction is usually completed within three days. 

If you do not want to sell your Bitcoin, keep it in a USB drive wallet as it is the safest form of wallet from cyber-attacks or theft. 

How Bitcoin’s decentralised system functions?

As pointed out in an article published by Essays UK, a decentralised system does not work with any third party. It has its users and their cellular devices as key players. Hence, Bitcoin’s decentralised system gives each user autonomy. 

Unlike traditional banking systems, a decentralised system is great for the users’ autonomy as it ensures privacy and transactions can be completed virtually. Making it difficult for hackers to manipulate their systems. 

On the other hand, a con that must be discussed here is that such decentralised systems are time-consuming. The user will have to wait a certain period to receive the money.  

What are some pros of cryptocurrency?

There are numerous advantages of cryptocurrency when compared to the traditional banking system. The following are some of the benefits of using cryptocurrency:

It is the topmost principle of cryptocurrency. As mentioned earlier, the decentralised system of Bitcoin regulates independently. 

With a few clicks, any user can make peer-to-peer transactions that can be used worldwide. Nevertheless, only a few businesses use crypto as a currency for now. 

All the information regarding the transactions is stored in the blockchain, making it transparent for users around the world.  

Security is of the utmost importance for any banking system. Cryptocurrency offers

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