Ghaziabad: Residents duped of over Rs 8 Lakh in Crypto Currency Scam


Ghaziabad. Residents of the city were duped of over Rs 8 Lakh in what has been described as a Crypto Currency scam. Sheelendra Sharma, a resident of Rajnagar Extension, was swindled of the amount when he was enticed by the promise of earning 30 to 40 percent profits by investing 100 rupees in crypto currency. After depositing the money, the perpetrators forced him to invest more money, trapping him in the scam.

Speaking to the press, Sharma said he joined a Telegram group that advertised the scheme. He contacted the number listed in the group and was told about the scheme. After not receiving the promised profits and invested amount back, Sharma filed a case in the Nandgram Police Station. ACP Nandgram Ravi Kumar Singh said the cyber cell is looking into the matter.

In a similar case, Sanjay from Shankar Vihar in Lalkuan was cheated of Rs 30,000 with the promise of a free life-long credit card. Sanjay already had a credit card, and the caller, falsely posing as a bank representative, said the card fees would be waived. Believing the caller, Sanjay took more information about the card and made a transaction of Rs 30,000. Police are trying to trace the fraudsters.

Shamshad of Akash Nagar also fell prey to a similar scam when he went to an ATM in Dasna’s Rafiqabad to withdraw money. His debit card was changed at the ATM, and Rs 1.88 lakh were withdrawn from his account. Shamshad said he was assisted by a stranger present at the ATM and only received a message on his phone after the money was taken.

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