Goerli Announces Long Term Support Update


Goerli, Ethereum’s first multi-client testnet, will be unsupported by both client teams and EF testing teams in the months ahead. This will be the final network upgrade, with mainnet activation to start three months after the Goerli Dencun Activation or one month following activation Dencun, whichever comes later. It is recommended that users migrate to another network before this as Goerli will no longer be a stable testnet.

Clients and testing teams are the majority of stake holders, and their exits will affect the stability of the network. Additionally, teams plan to use this opportunity to test delayed finality and inactivity leaks.

For testing decentralized apps, smart contracts and other EVM features, Sepolia Testnet provides a permissioned validator set and a stable environment. Alternatively, there are many local development environments which allow for testing against copies Ethereum mainnet state.

Holesky Testnet has been newly launched for protocol testing and is available to all infrastructure providers. Stakers must also take into consideration the validity of staker setup tests, which can be done on the Ephemery testnet. This network is reset every week and allows for lightweight testing of the validity lifecycle.

Goerli is expected to be activated in the near future. To be notified when the next upgrade is announced, sign up for an email notification.

The Ethereum Community was built by a group of semi-random individuals who showed up for a technical issue, and we want to thank all who have contributed to the network throughout the years. A special shout out goes to Afri Schoedon, who gave Goerli its soul.

Finally, the dual-deadline was selected to give client teams time to deploy the fix in the event that a bug was discovered late in the process of deployment.

Cover image originally from Boris Niehaus on Wikipedia, adapted version by Tomo Saito.

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