Goldman Sachs Brings Visual StructuringTM to Equities and Crypto


  • Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS), introduces Visual StructuringTM technology to new markets.
  • EquitiesNow, precious metals and crypto are included in the platform.
  • Natural Language inputs and group sharing capabilities are available.

Goldman Sachs recently announced the launch of their Visual StructuringTM platform for new markets, including equities and crypto. Precious metals are also included.

According to a press release, the platform is now available on web, iOS and Android devices, which was originally launched on iOS mobile application in September 2022.

Institutional customers of Goldman Sachs can benefit from a special rate. Visual StructuringTM technology is a patent pending technology used for options price indication and the development of trading ideas.

In the press release Goldman Sachs stated that the expansion of Visual StructuringTM increases price discovery in a broader range of asset classes, while also giving customers the freedom to integrate the tool into their workflow.

Chris Churchman, head of Goldman Sachs Marquee, commented on the development: “Visual StructuringTM is now available on all major platforms. Web, iOS and Android. The enhanced sharing functionality is available to Goldman Sachs’ clients.”

The platform is said to offer improved efficiency in the execution of trades, which saves time and allows for better decision capabilities. Traders can now collaborate seamlessly and more effectively to take advantage of market opportunities.

Some new features have also been added to the platform, such as the use of machine learning to speed up pricing for certain trades; natural language inputs for better communication; and group sharing capabilities to improve collaboration between traders.

Goldman Sachs’ Visualisation Tool To Include Equities and Crypto was first reported by CoinEdition.

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