Governance Vote Passes: dYdX Trading and Launch Rewards Now Live


dYdX trading rewards and launch incentives are now live on the dYdX Chain, a decentralised derivatives trading protocol. The launch of full production trading on November 28 marks the progress from the beta stage, enabled by a community vote.

Trading rewards are available to users with $20 million set aside for launch rewards. These are paid in the native DYDX token, with a daily reward of up to 50,000 DYDX. Rewards are distributed immediately rather than having to wait for a month.

The launch incentives program is managed by Chaos Labs and funded by the dYdX Chain Community Treasury. This program will offer $20 million of DYDX to the community over the next six months, with 80% of rewards for trading activity and 20% for market maker activity.

The full trading platform will initially support four markets – Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Solana (SOL) and Chainlink (LINK). Additional markets will be added continuously over the next few weeks, available via the frontend operated by the dYdX Ops subDAO.

dYdX Chain is sure to benefit from the trading rewards and launch incentives program, with users now able to accrue rewards for using the platform.

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