Govt. Launches Tokenized Investment Fund on Avalanche Blockchain


Investment platform Republic has chosen Avalanche blockchain as the foundation for its upcoming tokenized investment fund, Republic Note. This is part of Republic’s strategic vision to take advantage of Avalanche’s features for global scalability.

Republic Note is a security token that will allow investors to gain returns from a portfolio of over 750 private assets. The digital asset has attracted a lot of attention, with over $30 million in pre-sale participation from individual and institutional investors.

Andrew Durgee, Republic President, commented on Avalanche’s role in helping Republic Note to reach investors from all over the world. Avalanche has the advantage of being able to create controllable subnets; these customizable side chains are essential for ensuring regulatory compliance for a digital security.

Republic Note is designed to share profits generated from Republic’s venture portfolio with investors, distributing up to 25% of the dividend pool to token holders. The token’s pre-sale price was $0.36, with a total supply of 800 million.

The release of Republic Note on Avalanche could have a positive effect on the AVAX price. The partnership between Republic and Ava Labs, as well as its unique profit-sharing model, may increase confidence in AVAX investors and prevent further price drops. Before the Republic Note announcement, AVAX price had dropped to a low of $20.18, losing more than 10%. After the announcement, the price recovered by 3%, reaching $20.52 at press time.

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