Successful Ethereum Hard Fork Achieved | Community Congratulated


The Ethereum Community can celebrate a successful hard fork which was completed at block 1920000. This hard fork saw 12,000,000 ETH allocated from the “Dark DAO” and “Whitehat DAO” Contracts to the Withdraw DAO Recovery Contract. The fork itself went smoothly with approximately 85% of miners taking part.

You can monitor the progress of the current fork here, which shows Go, Java and Parity (Rust) nodes correctly synced to the forking chain. The DAO token holders have already received their Ether through a recovery contract, with around 4.5 million Ethereum being handed out to the DAO token holders. There is still around 463,000 ETH left under their control. The security review is currently in progress for a contract facilitating extra payments of the remaining balance.

If users are interested in joining the forking chain, they should inform their clients to update to a fork aware version. The Go Client (version 1.4.10) can be found here. It is advised that users keep the current version of the software, with the “–opposite-dao-fork” flag enabled, although they must take the necessary precautions to avoid transaction replay attacks. Those who have no interest in the non-forking chain need not be worried about these attacks.

The Ethereum Foundation would like to thank the community and developers for making the transition so seamless. We look forward to continuing to work together to improve the experience and build a successful ecosystem and protocol.

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