Harrison, AR City Council to Decide Fate of Cryptocurrency Mining Facility


Residents of Harrison, Arkansas had a heated debate concerning the potential construction of a cryptocurrency facility in their city. This facility, usually referred to as a “cryptocurrency mine,” is composed of computer servers that generate digital currency like Bitcoin. People were concerned about safety, noise, and disruption to the rural landscape.

The April Planning Commission Meeting was moved to a nearby campus to accommodate the anticipated crowd. Originally, the conditional use permit for the crypto facility was planned to be voted on in that meeting. However, the decision was deferred to the May 23 meeting. Then, at the May 23 meeting, city leaders decided to defer the decision to a city council vote.

The City Council Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 25. It will begin at 6 p.m. and has been moved to the Signature Bank Community Room in Harrison to prepare for another big showing. Harrison Mayor Jerry Jackson stated that the company behind the cryptocurrency facility purchased 5 acres of land that was initially thought to be located in the county, but it was later discovered that the land was in the city limits. Because of this, the permit requires approval from the city. However, Mayor Jackson assured that the company’s $600,000 land investment will not influence the city council’s decision.

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